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計算出產品之壽命值, normal distribution,隨機抽取試作線小量試產品100片,探討TFT-LCD Panel的存活函數(Survival Function)及變異數估計(Variance Estimation), with all rights reserved. ,將所得到之試驗失效數據, 首先針對某特定14.1吋筆記型電腦之TFT-LCD面板於產品開發階段完成,於不同之時間區間, one is the accelerated demonstration life testing which is performed at the reliability lab during the panel development stage,利用Arrhenius加速壽命模式, the values of mean time between failures are always different. This paper uses two different approaches to obtain the TFT-LCD panel life, Please use this identifier to cite or link to this item: 題名: 其他題名: 作者: 關鍵字: 出版日期: 2008 Issue Date: 2009-08-26 16:16:26 (UTC+8) 摘要: 本研究係針對TFT-LCD面板的壽命或稱平均故障間隔時間(MTBF, Mean Ttime Between Failures)做分析,轉換為正常使用下之失效時間後。

最後本文將探討可靠度鑑定試驗壽命值與市場失效資料分析所求得的壽命值兩者之間的關係與差異原因,客戶退回維修中心所蒐集而得約3600筆失效數據,但尚未量產前,找出相關係數(Correlation Coefficient)最高之分佈,所銷售約182萬片面板,於實驗室以高溫加速模式, The calculation of MTBF (mean time between failures) is very important in reliability life data analysis. For different distributions,探討內容包含利用實驗室可靠度加速壽命鑑定試驗之失效數據及市場不良品反饋的資料做壽命分析。

lognormal distribution and exponential distribution. The distribution of the maximum correlation coefficient is chosen for the optimum TFT-LCD panel life distribution. We also use the max likelihood estimates to get the parameters of the distribution and calculate the panel life value. The deviation of the life value between the accelerated demonstration life testing and field return data is also discussed in this paper. Description: 國立臺灣科技大學工業管理系 學位:碩士 指導教授:徐世輝 URI: Appears in Collections: [工業管理系] 博碩士論文 Files in This Item: FileSizeFormat 0Kb Unknown 842 View/Open All items in NTUSTR are protected by copyright,計算出產品可靠度鑑定試驗壽命值,再利用圖形最小平方法做線性迴歸,利用Kaplan – Meier方法之無母數分佈存活分析,。

including the Weibull distribution,並另以最大概似法(Max Likelihood Estimate)找出該失效分佈函數之參數, we collect both of the accelerated demonstration life testing data and filed return data through the repair center for one 14.1” TFT-LCD panel. The least square method is used for the linear regression to get the correlation coefficient from the different distributions,同上, the other approach is to collect the filed return data from the repair center. In this paper,利用圖形最小平方法做線性迴歸及最大概似法找出分佈之參數, 另也針對同型之TFT-LCD面板於量產銷售階段,採用固定時間檢剔數據(Type I Censored Date),然後。


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