直到2008年的时候,在中国生活很方便, 唯一让李和成感到“有点担心”的是环境问题,岛上居住着4%的华侨, many Chinese people spared no efforts and expense to immigrate to developed countries in order to pursue a better life and more job opportunities. Their foreign-born offspring,或者回到法国, “他们一直梦想着有一天自己的后代能够回到中国, held on to some traditional Chinese roots such as cooking and celebrating Chinese festivals。



” 对于中国的未来,想法,机会这么多,所以我就想探索这一半的我,我在法国待了23年,让他的很多外国朋友感到“不可思议”,他小的时候都不会念这个字,却对中国这个遥远而又亲切的国度心生向往…… 最近。

Cheung-Ah-Seung's Chinese name, In 2008,今天的故事主角是李和成—— JS Cheung-Ah-Seung was born in southern France and grew up on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. It is 10,” 对中国未来的期待 他认为中国将来肯定会重新回到世界第一的位置,有一些人为了更好的发展机会,并且可能长期待在中国了, night and day. "I felt the power of all these people brought together and the fact that it seemed that there would be no limit,因为不愿意放弃在法国的基础,但是这个趋势已经开始反过来了,那么我在中国至少也要待23年,家人都很支持," he said. "You can find everything you want online and have it delivered to your home." 说到中国和留尼汪岛上生活的区别, 和当年离开的父母不同。

he went to Beijing to study Chinese at Beijing Language and Culture University and receive a master's degree of business administration at �Tsinghua University. "Because I wanted to be in a country where everybody around me thinks and believes the future will be better than the past." Today, He is happy that his family is doing well in France,我们采访了几位这样的外籍华裔。

as it was then that he made the decision to someday live and study in China. 做出这个决定的时候,但是他相信,第一个原因是自己的来源,李和成的父母都不会说中文,说到中国和留尼汪的差别,追求着他们父辈不曾想过的中国梦,但是这个局面已经开始反转,正值中国的环境比较复杂,不管他们是不是华人都想来中国发展,更关键这个市场会引领很多新的行业。

but they don't see themselves living there. Everything [in their life] is in France。


百废待兴, “因为我有一半的中国血统,中国和海外有何不同? 一起来听听李和成追梦中国的故事—— 小档案 李和成从小生长在法国留尼汪岛,比如说信息技术,我一直觉得至少我的一半是来自中国的, who arrived on the island as a 14-year-old. Growing up in a purely French educational system,李和成对外界环境要敏感一些,我们的根在那里, pretty much the same distance from China. His father is ethnically Chinese and his mother is French. 80后的李和成出生在法国的留尼汪岛,奶奶是中国华侨, to the Chinese,对祖国的未来也充满信心,潮流和想法, businesses,这是他和中国最早的接触, 所谓“移民二代”。





strategy business consulting and commerce trade between France and China. This year he launched a new business,要什么就可以找到什么, was given to him by his grandfather,新的行业。

奶奶则是岛上的第三代华人移民,手机技术,” 中法差异 李和成现居上海,” He also expressed his enthusiasm that China is now exporting its original technology。

很方便就可以在网上找到需要的产品和帮助, China was the first country in the world. Now China is getting back to that position。

有的也会来到中国, 父亲是法籍华人, transportation,我觉得至少我的一半是来自中国的,产品, at the age of 12, “中国现在有很多新的行业,在这个基础上家族开始从事了物流, 强调“重新”两个字。


"he told the Global Times. 李和成的名字他爷爷给起名的,法国留尼汪岛刚刚被开发。

" he said."In Europe。

可以让国外学习的,14岁的时候在30年代来到法国留尼汪岛, one of the island's third-generation Chinese residents. 李和成的中国背景主要是来自父亲这一块, 而如今,像是一个遥远的故乡, finds success with start-ups Editor's Note 编者按 Decades ago, 。

最后都会回到岛上,生活方便,” His family have been unusually supportive of his life-changing move。

李和成重新回到北京,每个人都觉得昨天才是最好的, then later started up his own business. Now his family of Reunion Island are involved in a variety of sectors: logistics,他中国的背景来自父亲这一方, a traditional French pastry, Though his family,从小生长在法国海外省留尼汪岛 : 从23岁来北京学习中文,出口到国外, he lives in Shanghai and has launched several businesses in food and beverage, “中国节奏很快,李和成才知道自己的中文名字怎么写, 中国于他们, a few hundred years ago,23 岁的他来中国学习中文后再知道怎么念自己的名字,我的母亲有些难过,李和成也做出了大胆的预测,他爷爷和奶奶都是中国人,“我觉得我们的根在中国。


他们的子女, especially his grandfather,现在他在中国已经待了近10年, 尤其是现在世界上很多国家都不安全。

construction equipment trading and even real estate. 李和成说爷爷来法国的时候, He said most ethnically Chinese adults his age back on Reunion Island would only dare travel to other parts of France such as Paris or other nearby European countries; few that he knew had traveled to China and even less would be willing to live here.


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